What Are Some Drink Recipes Made With RumChata?

Sacha Fernandez/Moment/Getty Images

A range of drinks can be made with RumChata, including martinis, cocktails and shots. Hot drinks, such as hot chocolates, can also be made.

RumChata is a cream liqueur made from Caribbean rum, dairy cream and a range of other ingredients which give it its flavor. This makes it a versatile base for making a number of different drinks.

These include martinis like the Apple Pie Martini, which is one part RumChata, one part Apple Pucker and two parts vanilla vodka. There is also a martini drink called the Chocolate Covered Cherry Bomb. It is two parts RumChata, one part chocolate vodka and one part cherry vodka.

The cocktails include the Bourbon Cream, which is made with three parts RumChata and one part bourbon. A similar alternative is the Irish Breakfast, which is one part RumChata and one part Irish whiskey, preferably Jameson. There is also the RumChata Black Russian, which offers a twist on the classic Black Russian cocktail. To make it, mix one part RumChata with one part Kahlua and one part vodka.

Shots that can be made with RumChata include the CinnaBomb, which is made by mixing one part RumChata and one part cinnamon whiskey. Another option is the Orange Whip, which contains two parts RumChata and half a part each of orange vodka and whipped vodka.

Finally, there are recipes for hot drinks. These include the Cappuccino RumChata in which a 2-ounce dash of RumChata is added to a cup of hot coffee along with a splash of amaretto. The RumChata Hot Chocolate is very similar: Add 2 ounces of RumChata to a cup of hot chocolate.