How Do I Get Dried Concrete Off of My Car?

Clean dried concrete from a car using a commercial concrete stain remover to dissolve the concrete, and then wash the vehicle. Avoid any mechanical means of removing the stain, as they may damage the car’s finish. The concrete must be liquefied, so the process takes several hours.

  1. Wash the car

    Begin by washing the vehicle. Locate any dried concrete on the paint or trim of the vehicle while washing. Do not attempt to scrub away the concrete stain, but make a mental note of its location.

  2. Apply the concrete stain removal product

    Work on the stain on a day when the vehicle can remain out of use for several hours. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for using the concrete stain remover. Dissolving dried concrete takes time, so you should not rush the process.

  3. Wash the concrete off of the car

    Use water from a garden hose to wash away the liquefied concrete. Avoid rubbing the areas containing concrete, as concrete includes sand that can scratch the paint on the vehicle.

  4. Repair any cosmetic damage

    After washing and drying the vehicle, inspect the vehicle for stains. Apply a fresh coat of wax, and polish the surface of the stain to restore the shine.