What Do Dreams About Tornadoes Mean?

Cultura Science/Jason Persoff Stormdoctor/Stone/Getty Images

According to dream analysts and psychologists, dreams about tornadoes can mean three different things: emotional upheaval, destructive behavior and sudden change. Tornado dreams are common in people who do not have complete control over their lives and recognize a change is needed.

The first symbolism of dreams about tornadoes, emotional upheaval, represents powerful emotions brewing within a person that have not yet been expressed. The tornado is a destructive force, and the person who experiences the dream may throw a temper tantrum or outbreak in order to get issues and feelings off his chest. This often happens in bad relationships where communication between partners breaks down or between a boss and a worker who feels belittled every day at the office.

Dreams about tornadoes can also symbolize something destructive or violent coming to the life of the dreamer. This usually happens because there is something that the dreamer cannot control and the only way to get rid of the problem is through a purely destructive force.

The last thing that dreams about tornadoes can symbolize is a sudden change in the life of the dreamer. Tornadoes are sudden, unexpected and leave their paths in ruin. Going through a sudden change can take a dreamer by surprise and leave very little of what he was familiar with before the sudden change occurred.