What Do Dreams About Shaving Your Own Hair Mean?

Dream Moods explains that dreaming about shaving your own head typically involves feelings of vulnerability and self-revelation, but there are numerous interpretations surrounding dreams with this motif. For example, dreaming about shaving your own head suggests that your subconscious wants you to reveal more of yourself to the world.

Dream Bible explains that any type of dream involving hair is likely to symbolize the thoughts you are having at a particular point in life. A dream about a shaved head could stand for a subconscious need to shed current thought patterns and begin the transition into a new life experience.

Dream Moods clarifies that there is a significant difference between dreams about partially and completely shaved heads. If the head is completely shaved in the dream, this represents the desire to embrace a new way of thinking. However, if clumps of hair are left behind or only a few sections are shaved, it could indicate the lack of psychological preparedness to shed the old and to enter into new ways of thought.

EDream Interpretation offers yet another explanation for this common dream by asserting that a shaved head represents the independent spirit needed to govern your own household and its affairs.