Does Dreaming of Fish Mean Someone Is Pregnant?

To dream of swimming fish often signifies pregnancy for the dreamer or for someone the dreamer has a close relationship with. A common belief is that newly pregnant women dream of fish at the same time the womb begins to gather amniotic fluid. Fish dreams can also appear prior to conception.

Fish dreams are not exclusive to pregnancy, as they are a common theme in both men and women. To dream of fish eggs often signifies a subconscious idea coming to fruition. Dreaming of eating fish signifies energy and health. Eating fish in a dream is also considered a sign of good fortune.

A fisherman appearing in a dream signifies that the dreamer is having difficulty catching on to something in his daily life. If the dreamer is fishing in the dream, this signifies deep subconscious issues that are slowly rising to the surface. Fishnets in dreams represent a fear of being caught in the act of deceit. Flying fish represent a release of inhibitions and happiness for the dreamer, while dead fish signify a loss of personal power or finances.

Starfish and goldfish represent happiness and wealth. Puffer fish represent unexpressed anger and emotions. Koi fish in dreams represent large egos and the need to set deeply ingrained beliefs aside in order to be part of a team or group.