What Does Dreaming of Being Shot in the Neck Mean?


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A person who dreams of being shot in the neck may be dreaming about a person or thing in his or her life who is a pain in the neck, about a heart and mind separation or about punishing oneself. These are the most likely symbolism readings for a dream about being shot in the neck; however, analyzing a person's life and other possible symbolism present in the dream can help with finding further meaning.

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The dreamer may have a person or a place in his or her life that causes great stress. Dreaming about being shot in the neck can be a reference to the pain-in-the-neck attitude that the person feels towards this place or person.

The neck symbolizes the difference between the mind and the heart. It also symbolizes the difference between the mental and physical or emotional. To dream of being shot in the neck often means that there is some sort of disconnect between these two states in the person and he or she feels conflicted.

Shooting in a dream can symbolize many things. It may be a way for the brain to communicate subconsciously that a final decision needs to be made. It may mean saying goodbye to people who are bringing the dreamer down in his or her life. It also may mean that the person is aware of something in his or her life stopping suddenly or failing. Dreams have been scientifically linked to memory, but dream analysis has yet to be proven accurate in scientific study.

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