What Does a Dream About Being in Labor and Having a Baby Mean?

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Dream interpretation is an imprecise art, and the meaning of a dream varies depending upon whom a person asks. Dreaming about labor suggests difficult goals to be accomplished, according to Dream Moods. However, E Dream Interpretation suggests that a labor dream indicates a desire to start a family.

Dream Moods explains that feeling labor pains or Braxton Hicks contractions in a dream symbolizes the anticipation of hard work in the future. If a woman is pregnant in real life, the dream is practice in preparation for the process of birth. Dreams of premature labor represent unexpected challenges.

E Dream Interpretation goes into depth about giving birth in dreams. For example, giving birth to a monster or non-human symbolizes that the dreamer is suppressing her creativity for fear of being judged. It is also indicative of anxiety about a baby’s health. Dreaming about giving birth to a stillborn baby implies a loss of trust in a person or circumstance, or a loss of innocence. Delivering a baby in a dream represents a significant life change due to eliminating old habits and changing ways. To dream that the mother dies during childbirth indicates a significant transformation in life, while seeing a baby means innocence and new beginnings.