How Do You Download a Zip File From MediaFire?

To download a zip file from Mediafire, click on the link to the file and click on the green button that says Download. Your computer should start to download the file automatically.

The Mediafire link opens to a page with multiple download links. Most of these are ads that do not download the correct file. The green button includes the size of the zip file in parentheses.

A zip file is a file that bundles together multiple files, so it must be opened to retrieve the content inside. If you are using Windows XP, Mac OS X or Ubuntu Linux or newer, double-click on the downloaded file to open it. This creates a new unzipped file that can now be accessed. Alternatively, right click on the zip file and choose Extract All or Extract Here.

Another method for opening a zip file is to use outside software. Some of the more popular free compression programs for unzipping files are 7Zip, PeaZip, TUGZip and 7zX. Once you download and install the software, right click on the zip file and select Open With. Find the compression program you downloaded in the list of programs, and click on it to open your file.