How Do You Download Mineshafter?

Visit and click Downloads. Click Mineshafter Launcher to begin downloading the program. Open the Mineshafter-launcher.jar file to open the Mineshafter launcher and download the game. Mineshafter requires the Java Runtime Environment to be available on your computer. Java can be downloaded by visiting and clicking Free Java Download.

Run the program and enter a user name and password to start the game. This does not have to be an existing user name and password, because Mineshafter does not try to authenticate users. Mineshafter requires that users to play on servers that have open authentication, which means that only some Minecraft servers are available for Mineshafter players to use. After logging in to a server, a message asks the user to reconnect to the server once to establish an account.

If Mineshafter does not open or tries to open as an archive, first verify that Java is installed on the computer. If it still does not work, download Jarfix from to re-associate JAR files with Java. The computer running Mineshafter must still meet the Minecraft minimum system requirements to play the game. The game’s system requirements are available from the developer’s website at under the Playing Minecraft section.

“Mineshafter” is a free alternative to using the main “Minecraft” online services that allows users to customize their characters with skins and capes, but these are only visible to other “Mineshafter” users.

“Mineshafter” is a hacked and edited version of the popular online game “Minecraft.” “Mineshafter” is not supported by Mojang, the company who developed and released “Minecraft,” and is generally frowned upon by players who purchased “Minecraft.”

Both games center on gathering materials and crafting tools to survive in different environments. The gameplay is praised for its open world, sandbox style.