How Do You Download Blockworks Tax Software?

Download Blockworks tax software on Access the H&R Block website and then choose one of the offered online tax software products depending on your tax needs. H&R Block offers four different online tax software products as of 2015, including basic, deluxe, premium, and premium business.

To download one of the online Blockworks tax software packages, click on the Download button below the package description. Choose the Windows or the Mac version, and indicate whether you want the Extended Download Service for an additional $5; use this screen to input a coupon code if you have one. Provide your billing and payment information on the provided form. The required information includes your name, address, email, type of credit card and credit card number.

Preview the order before confirming the transaction and receiving a notification to confirm the order. After the order processes, you will receive the Blockworks tax software in your email.

Commonly referred to as Blockworks, H&R Block is one of the elite online tax software products on the market. H&R Block offers four different online tax software packages. The Basic tax software is designed for simple tax situations, while the Deluxe tax software is recommended for homeowners or investors.

Premium Blockworks is designed for the self-employed and/or rental property owners, while the Premium & Business tax program is recommended for small business owners.