What Is the Doublemint Gum Slogan?

The slogan for Doublemint Gum is, “Double Your Pleasure. Double Your Fun.” Wrigley’s formerly used the slogan “Doublemint, Double Good” on billboards.

Wrigley’s first began advertising Doublemint using the “Doublemint Twins” in 1939, using two young women to play the role. Beginning in 1960, the television ads showcasing the twins also featured a jingle, “Double your pleasure, double your fun, with Doublemint, Doublemint, Doublemint Gum!” This jingle stemmed from the company’s 1959 marketing slogan, “Double your pleasure. Double your fun.”

When Wrigley’s first released Doublemint in 1914, it used a variety of phrases to tout the product. The company initially described the product in marketing materials as “double strength,” “double good,” and “double distilled.”