What Are Some Double-Yolk Egg Superstitions?

Some of the superstitions surrounding eggs with double yolks are that they indicate pregnancy, marriage, or good fortune. In Norse mythology, a double egg yolk is a sign that a family death will occur.

Eggs are an ancient symbol of fertility. Many cultures and people believed that an egg with a double yolk was a sign of pregnancy, and more specifically, a pregnancy with twins. However, double egg yolk superstitions vary with different mythologies.

According to Wiccans, a double egg yolk is a sign of good luck and fortune. In Europe eggs were used in fortune telling. An egg with two yolks indicated a coming pregnancy, a black spot on a yolk was a bad omen, and an egg with no yolk was one of the worst omens one could receive. European farmers would also bring a fresh egg into the field with them, and sometimes scattered broken eggs over the field, in hopes that it would ensure a healthy crop. A double egg yolk was also a symbol of a coming marriage.

Legend also says that it is important to crush the eggshell after cracking it, otherwise a bad witch will take the pieces and set sail in them, causing terrible storms.