What Are Some Door Prize Ideas for Adults?

Clothing, gift cards and office supplies are typical door prize ideas for adults. Other adult door prize ideas include totes, cooking equipment and board or card games.

The type of door prize depends on the type of function and guests. For adults, try to offer practical, useful door prizes instead of “dust-catchers” and prank prizes, unless the prizes are for a playful party or gathering. For business functions, offer prizes that are relevant to the business itself. For example, an office job gathering should offer branded mugs, pens and other office supplies. For an athletic company gathering, offer athletic wear and accessories such as hand barbells or sweat bands.

Gift certificates are a common door prize for adult gatherings, but be mindful of the demographics of the party guests. Consider having a variety of different gift cards so that the winner can pick the one that best suits their interests. Some good gift cards to keep on hand are those for box stores, online music stores and restaurants.

For informal gatherings, play to the interests of the group. If the group enjoys grilling, then have tongs and grilling sauces as door prizes. Most door prizes are not expensive, so do not break the bank or go overboard buying high-cost prizes.