Is Donnie Swaggart Divorced?

Jelena Popic/Getty Images

There is no official mention of a divorce on the bio found on Donnie Swaggart’s main website or anywhere else in the reputable media. These websites mention that he is still married to his wife. All indications that he has divorced his wife are found on blogs, forums, and conspiracy theory sites. Obtaining proof of this divorce would require deep digging into state records.

Donnie Swaggart is an evangelist living in Louisiana with his wife Debbie. He has three children and seven grandchildren, some of whom are stated to have become an integral part of the ministry. Suspicions of divorce or other allegations could be connected to the scandal surrounding Donnie’s father, Jimmy Swaggart. The scandal in 1991 involved Jimmy attempting to solicit favors from a prostitute.

Jimmy Swaggart’s confession of his original transgression was a hugely televised event, creating a huge stir in the media around the country. He spoke before his congregation and broke into tears in front of everyone. This confession preceded the 1991 scandal by three years. After both of these events, it was Donnie Swaggart who spoke to the audience and told them that his father would be stepping down.