What Documents Should You Bring to TSA Precheck Enrollment?

A certified or original document that provides legitimate evidence of identity and citizenship status should be brought along to the TSA Precheck enrollment. It must also include an authentic photo ID of the applicant.

As evidence of citizenship status and identity, a person can bring along any of the items as in Transportation Security Administration’s List A. The list includes legitimate U.S. passport, Enhanced Tribal Card, Merchant Mariner Document, reentry permit, I-327 and “Green Card.” Another option is to bring along two documents with one each from two different sections in the Transportation Security Administration’s List B. The list covers Section 1 for legitimate photo identity and Section 2 for legitimate evidence of citizenship. Examples for Section 1 are a legitimate U.S. military card and U.S. driver’s license. Section 2 includes a U.S. Certificate of Naturalization, N-550 or N-570 and U.S. Citizen Identification Card, I-179 or I-197.