How Do You Find a Doctor’s ID Number?

Find a doctor’s National Provider Identifier, or NPI, number using the NPI lookup tool available at NPIdb. Health care providers who are members of the National Plan & Provider Enumeration System, or NPPES, have a designated 10-digit NPI numeric code, states NPIdb.

Under the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of the United States, a physician’s NPI number is used in all medical transactions involving insurance policies, notes NPIdb. The process of locating a doctor’s assigned NPI number takes a few steps to complete.

  1. Access the NPIdb website
  2. Use a Web browser to navigate to the NPIdb website. Click on the “NPI Number Lookup” link on the home page.

  3. Provide information
  4. Enter the first and last name of the doctor in the respective text fields. Select the appropriate state from the “State” drop down menu.

  5. Submit query
  6. Click on the red search button to submit the query and view results.