What Is the Divine Creation Theory?

The divine creation theory, or Creationism, is the belief that a divine being is responsible for the creation of life from nothing. There are several religions that are generally considered Creationist, but many modern believers of divine creation believe that science and faith can walk hand in hand. This theory can be narrowed down further between those who differ on their opinion of the role of the creator past the initial creation of life.

The standard divine creation theory has several different views. There are those that believe in religious texts, which depict the creation of the Earth as a literal event. Other schools of thought among Creationists state that it was not a literal time period, but more like stages that the divine went through to create the world. The Creationists who follow this train of thought also feel that science is correct in its dating of the Earth and the universe.

Many Creationists believe that while divine creation occurred evolution also was also a part of the creation process. The different schools of thought inside the divine creation theory all agree on the fact that a divine being created all life as an act of free will, but past that the differences become numerous.