How Do You Dispose of Old Cooking Oil?

Melissa Wiese/CC-BY-2.0

The disposal of old or used cooking oil can be a messy subject. According to Real Simple magazine, it is now possible to recycle cooking oil in some cities.

  1. Find out if it is possible to recycle cooking oil in your area

    Contact your local department of public works or recycling office to inquire if recycling services for cooking oil are available in your area. Find out what local regulations need to be followed.

  2. Collect the used oil for recycling

    Collect used cooking oil in a resealable container, such as an old coffee can. Keep adding your used cooking oil to the container until you are ready to recycle it.

  3. Collect the used oil for disposal

    If your local area does not have a program for recycling used cooking oil, collect the oil for disposal in the trash. Whenever you have oil left over after cooking, first allow the oil to cool, then pour it into an empty milk carton or a take-out container that can’t be recycled. Place the container in the trash. Wipe out any oil that remains in the pan with a paper towel. Never pour used cooking oil down a drain because it will harden and eventually block the pipe.