What Diseases Cause Body Itching?

Dwayne Madden/CC-BY 2.0

Diseases that cause body itching include genital herpes, pancreatic cancer, anal cancer and eczema, claims MedicineNet. Other diseases that cause body itching are, among others, liver cancer, anal cancer, trichinosis, lichen sclerosus, liver disease and sexually transmitted diseases in men.

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted viral disease caused by herpes simplex, states MedicineNet. The herpes simplex virus enters through tiny breaks in the skin or mucous membranes. Aside from itching, other symptoms of genital herpes in women include genital ulcers and a burning sensation.

Pancreatic cancer involves the growth of tumors in the pancreas, explains MedicineNet. When the tumor enlarges, it presses against the surrounding structures, such as the intestines, nerves and bile ducts, causing pain, weight loss, itching, yellowing of skin and loss of appetite.

Anal cancer is a disease that involves the development of cancer cells in the tissues of the anus as a result of predisposing factors such as human papillomavirus infection, cigarette smoking, receptive anal sex and anal redness, notes MedicineNet. Anal itching, anal pain anal bleeding are a few symptoms of anal cancer.

Many patients of eczema experience itching, according to MedicineNet. The distribution of the eczema helps determine the type of eczema the person has, with stasis dermatitis appearing primarily on the lower leg and atopic dermatitis targeting the back of the knee or the frontal portion of the elbow.