What Are Discontinued Covergirl Lipstick Lines?

Discontinued Covergirl lipstick lines include the Lipperfection, Continuous Color, Trueshine and Incredifull. Other discontinued lines include the Queen Collection Moisturizing Lip Color, Queen Collection Vibrant Hue and Queen Collection Vibrant Hue Shine lines. The NatureLuxe Gloss Balm and Lipslicks Lipgloss lines were also discontinued.

Though the lines have been discontinued, Covergirl has an option on their website where customers can view and vote to bring the line back, as of 2015. This option can be found by selecting Find Match beneath the chosen lipstick line and visiting the lipstick Covergirl suggests to replace the discontinued line.

For the Trueshine line, Outlast All-day lip color is suggested. For all of the discontinued Queen Collection products, the basic Queen Collection line is recommended. NatureLuxe Gloss balm suggests replacing colors with Lipslicks Smoochies lip balm, and Lipslicks Lipgloss recommends the Lipperfection jumbo gloss balm. All other lines link to the discontinued Lipperfection line. Checking for matches to the Lipperfection line brings up the Colorlicious lipstick line as a replacement.

When visiting the suggested replacements page, customers are able to select the original color they preferred. They can then match it to corresponding colors in the new line. Clicking on the See All Shades link takes customers to the page for the new line where they can view color swatches for individual shades and other lines they might like based on the chosen line.