How Do You Disassemble an Amana Washing Machine?

To disassemble an Amana washing machine, turn off the water supply and remove the water hose, unscrew the control console to disconnect the wiring, then pop out the spring clips and pull the washing machine’s cabinet away from its base. Make sure to have a bucket ready to catch any excess water that is trapped in the machine and to store wet parts.

In order to diagnose a problem or replace worn parts, owners of an Amana washing machine should know how to disassemble the appliance.

  1. Prepare the machine to be disassembled
  2. First, unplug the power supply and cut off the water supply to the washing machine. Pull the machine away from the wall and have an open space to work.

  3. Disconnect the water hose
  4. Have a bucket ready and remove the water hose from the machine. There may be water still trapped in the hose.

  5. Take apart the control console
  6. Unscrew the screws on the side of the control console and pull the console back until it is resting on its hinges.

  7. Disconnect the wires to the control console
  8. Locate the lid switch and remove the ground wire connector. Then, press the plastic lock tab and disconnect the entire lid switch harness.

  9. Pull out the washing cabinet
  10. Pop out the spring clips that hold the cabinet in place, then reach in and pull out the washing cabinet from the base of the machine.