What Are the Disadvantages of the World Wide Web?

Franek Strzeszewski/Image Source/Getty Images

There are several disadvantages of the World Wide Web. These include infringement on personal or private information, theft of data, virus threats leading to malfunctioning or loss of data and damage to personal computers’ discs, deterioration of morals due to easy access to many pornographic and other harmful materials available on the Internet, and receiving so many unwanted mails from spammers.

Despite the much celebrated usefulness of the World Wide Web and the many opportunities it provides, it also poses important negative impacts to society. World Wide Web has very extensive contents, some of which are not filtered and may not be suitable for consumption by certain people in the society. However, because of free access to the World Wide Web of such contents, as long as users have computers connected to the Internet, They can have access to unintended and inappropriate information. For example, children younger than 18, are now able to access pornographic materials. Besides, the World Wide Web has also been used to promote practices and cultures which are undesirable such as terrorism and racism. World Wide Web has also provided a platform for email hacking, which has led to an increase in cases of money swindling and online fraud.