What Are the Disadvantages of Outcome-Based Education?

North Central Regional Educational Laboratory states that one of the disadvantages of outcome-based education is that it conflicts with the admission requirements and practices of some colleges and universities. Another disadvantage is some of the outcomes emphasized in outcome-based learning focus on feelings, values, attitudes and beliefs over attaining factual knowledge. Outcome-based education also relies on evaluations that are subjective, rather than objective tests and measurements.

Another disadvantage of outcome-based education is that it weakens local control of education. Those who are against outcome-based education question who decides what the desired outcomes are, as well as how students, individual schools and school districts are held accountable for achieving the outcomes that are set.

In general, content outcomes outline the information that students should know and what they should be able to do in specific subject areas. Student outcomes outline how students should demonstrate the skills that are described in content outcomes and the levels at which students must be able to demonstrate the outlined skills. Schools must meet specific performance standards that define the quality of education they must provide to students in order for them to meet the outlined content and performance outcomes. Some outcomes are mandated by states and districts, while other states and districts only see the outcomes as guides to follow.