What Are the Disadvantages of Modernization?

While much can be said for the benefits of modernization, it does threaten traditional and family crafts and practices and may even have a negative impact on economies. Although modernization makes it easier for people to move to and from cities and the countryside and facilitates the growth of technology and science, it often comes with a loss of family traditions, such as the crafting and selling of homemade goods.

Modernization can cause economic harm as the development of equipment and technologies can reduce the need for human labor.

The negative effects of modernization span economic, social and even psychological borders. The growth of trade and technology, which ultimately makes the mass production of food, clothing and other material goods possible, certainly makes shopping, especially on a budget, easier and much more realistic. However, as large companies and manufacturing facilities replace smaller structures, such as family farms, bakeries and clothing shops, quality often takes a backseat to quantity.

Items may lose their identity of belonging to specific regions or cultures and the skills to make those goods fall by the wayside too. Furthermore, with modernization comes an increasingly faster pace of life and constant need to connect to others with phones, computers and other technology, eliminating a sense of peace and calm.