What Are the Disadvantages of Having a Large Family?

The disadvantages of having a large family include financial stress, a missed connection with some of the children and emotional stress put on the family by the problems that others in the unit are experiencing. Large families can be rewarding, but parents should be prepared for the stress factors that are associated with having many children.

Children who have grown up in a large family often report that they have not had as much alone time with their parents as they would have liked. Family affairs consist of large dinners and time spent juggling the activities of all of the children in a family. Parents are often stressed out due to the large number of problems they have to deal with. Families that are large may also have financial issues due to the greater amount of money that is required for the caring of children.

On the contrary, children who grew up in large families also have a stronger connection with their siblings. They feel like they are able to always have a friend with the many children they grew up with. They also tend to be more responsible, especially children who are born first because they are required to take care of the younger children.