What Are the Disadvantages of a Food Processor?

The main disadvantage of a food processor is that it does not handle liquid very well. The appliance tends to leave chunks of fruits and vegetables that need to be reprocessed. This is attributed to the design, as food spins outwards and sticks to the container’s outer edges.

Food processors are ideal for pulverizing whole fruits and vegetables, thus eliminating the need to chop them by hand. This saves both time and energy. These units are easily adaptable and versatile because they come with different blades, and they also work well for blending solid foods.

Blenders, on the other hand, tend to be a better choice for making smoothies and purees because they perform especially well when liquids are included. Blender blades are also more durable, and are designed to cut ice chunks. Although food processors can perform the same function, the blades tend to dull over time when chipping ice.

A good solution is to buy a unit that combines both a food processor and blender in one. The appliance comes with food reservoirs and different blade attachments, making it flexible and versatile. Such a unit also saves valuable counter space, and is a good value for money, especially when purchasing a high-quality brand.