What Are Disadvantages of Facebook?

Justin Sullivan / Staff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The disadvantages of Facebook include addiction, malware, viruses, identity theft, reduced productivity, antisocial behavior and relationship issues. Facebook is potentially addictive for many of its users, and extended use reduces productivity. Using Facebook also leaves a personal computer vulnerable to viruses and malware attacks. This social media platform can create tension in relationships as a result of users connecting with people from previous relationships.

Account intrusion is a major disadvantage of using Facebook. Internet hackers attack Facebook accounts and are capable of altering profile information and sending inappropriate messages. Intruders also upload pictures to Facebook that contain viruses. Users who open pictures with viruses attached are in danger of downloading compromised data.

Scams are another disadvantage of Facebook. This social media platform is filled with scams and hackers that attempt to steal login and account information.

Facebook is an addictive communication tool on which some users spend excessive amounts of time commenting, updating and looking through photos. Using Facebook constantly throughout the day wastes valuable time that could be used on productive activities. The social media platform also has the ability to tarnish a user’s professional career. Potential employers view applicants’ Facebook pages and make determinations of employment depending on the user profile. Keeping personal information private can be difficult on Facebook.