What Are Disadvantages of a Command Line Interface?

The command line interface is a text-only interface that is distinct from a graphical user interface. Some disadvantages of the command line interface are a steep learning curve, small room for error, the large number of commands and the inability to figure something out through exploration.

The command line has a steep learning curve. Since the command line is a text-only interface, it can be intimidating for many new users because there are no instructions for a user without any experience. The command line also leaves small room for error. If a command is mistyped, the computer is not able to process the command correctly. Also, when an error occurs, users often have to start back from the beginning of the process.

The command line has a large number of commands. Even for experienced users, this can be a disadvantage. The command line interface can discourage exploration. Users cannot simply click through a menu and try to find a command on the command line. A graphical user interfaces allow users to navigate through a system without having to know any commands. The command line has several major advantages, including the small amount of random access memory needed to run the command line and the ability for a computer to run without the Windows operating system.