What Are the Disadvantages of Coalition Government?

There are several disadvantages of coalition government, which include a weaker and less decisive government, as well as a more confused government. It is difficult for political control to be implemented when there are multiple parties involved such as in a coalition.

The coalition does not provide one party with the power to implement their ideas so the end result is that very few ideas, if any, are implemented because an agreement cannot be reached between parties. The idea behind a coalition government is that it is to be a partnership between parties, and both parties will be treated equal.

Another problem found in a coalition government is that there is a great deal of instability within the government. It is important for coalition governments to set up procedures that can work through conflict and mitigate disputes in order for the coalition partnership to survive.

Coalition governments are most often seen in Europe and appear throughout the U.K. When coalition governments work at their best, they join together to form a united front while retaining their distinctive individual beliefs. This is what can often be seen as an advantage and a disadvantage. From a disadvantage standpoint, it is difficult to achieve true unity between disparate parties, leading to little action from the government.