How Do You Disable a Governor on a Club Car?

The method to remove or adjust a governor on a club car varies depending on the type of governor the car has. It is dangerous to disable a governor completely on a club car because there is a strong chance of damage to the engine. A safer method to gain speed in a club car is simply to adjust the governor’s settings. There is still a risk of damage to the engine by this method, however, as the governor is put in place by the club car manufacturer to keep the car from going over the manufacturer’s recommended speed.

  1. Lengthen the cable to the throttle lever

    If the club car has a clutch or throttle cable, then the governor is located there. Find the cable connected to the carburetor throttle lever, and adjust the cable nut so that there is more length between the lever and the nut. This makes the throttle level not pull on the cable, allowing the club car to go faster.

  2. Open the hood of the club car

    If there is not an external governor with the throttle or clutch, then the governor is located inside the engine. To see this, open the hood of the club car by either unscrewing and removing the panel that covers the engine or popping open the hood like on a regular car.

  3. Check for a spring-loaded mechanism

    If the club car has a spring governor, it is located near the carburetor or it is sticking out from the differential as a pivot point. The easiest way to find it is to trace the biggest, thickest cable running from the gas pedal. Once the governor is located, use a wrench or screwdriver on the spring to loosen the tension. To remove the governor completely, disconnect it from all other parts of the engine.