What Are the Dimensions of a Standard Wheelchair?

Inti St Clair/Blend Images/Getty Images

The seat height of a standard wheelchair is 20 to 21 inches from the ground, the armrest is 11 to 15 inches, and the width varies depending on the size of the individual, according to 1800Wheelchair.com. Most wheelchairs are 24 to 27 inches wide, notes The Accessible Planet.

When determining the appropriate width for a standard wheelchair, individuals should measure across the hips and allow space for clothing, explains SpinLife. Properly sized seats should be as narrow as possible for access but allow the individual room to shift position and avoid pressure on the hips. To determine the seat depth, an individual should measure from the rear to just behind the knee.

For a wheelchair to properly fit an individual, the height of the seat should be the distance from the user’s heels to the bend in the knees, plus 2 inches. In most adults, this measurement is 19.5 to 20.5 inches. Additionally, the seat width should be the measurement of the widest point of the user’s lower body, plus 2 inches. This allows additional space for clothing and medical devices.