What Are the Different Types of White Fish That People Eat?

The different types of white fish people eat include flounder, haddock, whiting and cod. There are several species of flounder that are commercially valuable, including the arrowtooth flounder, the summer and winter flounders and the yellowtail flounder.

Fish lovers prize the flesh of many types of flounder because it has a sweet taste and a pleasing texture. However, overfishing is a problem with many flounder species, with the exception of the arrowtooth flounder. This is possibly because the quality of its flesh degrades quickly after death.

Haddock is a fish related to cod. Like some species of flounder, haddock was overfished, but is rebounding as of 2015. It is available year round and beloved for the taste and texture of its flesh and the varieties of ways in which it can be prepared.

Whiting, also called Pacific hake, is an abundant fish with delicate flesh. Manufacturers use it to make surimi, a crabmeat substitute. Unlike some other white fish, it is abundant as of 2015 and is not in danger of overfishing.

Cod is a cold-water fish renowned for its mild flavor and flaky flesh. Fishermen have fished for cod for hundreds of years off the coasts of Europe and New England to the point of collapsing its population.