What Are the Different Types of Transportation?

Sean Gallup / Staff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

According to “The Geography of the Transport System,” different types of transportation include cars, buses, trains, planes, boats and bicycles. The type of transportation chosen generally depends on the costs associated with travel and the length of the trip.

Wikipedia explains that the car is the most popular type of transportation. This mode of transportation is useful for daily travel and extended journeys. Buses are available in large cities or towns and are useful for short trips from one area to another. Trains are useful for short trips in a city or extended journeys across states. Airplanes travel from one state or country to another in a few hours. This type of transportation is faster than cars, buses and trains. Boats offer a transportation option that travels by sea. Although bicycles are the least expensive option, bicycles are also the most environmentally friendly form of transportation.