What Are Different Types of Technology?

Types of technology include information technology, medical technology, assistive technology, instructional technology, productivity technology and teaching technology, according to the National Assistive Technology Research Institute. Technology utilizes equipment such as computers, mobile phones, multimedia, software, games and apps. Email, blogs, texting, instant messaging, social networks, twitter and video conferencing are all forms of technology-mediated communication, notes Kevin Johnston for the Houston Chronicle.

Medical technology involves the use of machines, robotics and science for diagnosis and management of operations, such as dialysis, chemotherapy and surgeries. Assistive technology includes the use of hearing aids, innovative eyewear and prosthetic devices for the disabled. There are intelligent medication dispensers with alarms that remind patients to take medicine. For people to move from one place to another faster and easier, transport technology has introduced speed trains, highly efficient aircraft and motor vehicles.

Technology of productivity employs equipment and cognitive machinery that speeds up occupational activities, such as mining, fishing, manufacturing and farming. Similarly, home/workplace improvement technology, such as lifts, automatic door openers, ramps and security apparatus, all fall under this category. Teaching technology involves the use of intellectual projectors, automatic page turners and audiovisual equipment for better learning. Other types of technology include space technology, waste management technology, cooking technology and cleaning technology.