What Are Some Different Types of Shampoo?

Mike Mozart/CC-BY 2.0

Examples of different types of shampoos include clarifying shampoo, volumizing shampoo, and those made for oily, dry, curly or straight hair. All types of shampoo contain a conditioner and cleanser. The specific type of hair for which the shampoo is made determines how much cleanser and conditioner the shampoo has.

Oily hair shampoo is designed to get rid of oil and hydrate the hair and the scalp. Shampoo designed for dry hair treats dryness resulting from damage such as chemical treatments, wind and shampoos with strong detergents. Straightening hair shampoo utilizes either oils or silicones that bind to the hair, making it easier for hot tools to straighten the hair.

Clarifying shampoos are intended to cleanse the hair before it’s treated. Because they can be rather harsh and damage the cuticle, they aren’t always the right option. It’s best to avoid clarifying shampoos after hair has been colored because they tend to ruin the new color. Volumizing shampoos help to open up the cuticles of the hair to make growth easier. On the negative side, they have also been known to cause damage and strip color-treated hair. Shampoos for color-treated hair help make the color last. The good ones contain algae, kelp or oil to keep hair color from fading.