What Are the Different Types of Microcomputers?


There are numerous types of microcomputers, including laptops, desktop computers, and smartphones. The one thing all microcomputers have in common is that the central processing unit (CPU) is contained within a single processing chip.

Basically considered small enough to fit easily on a desk, microcomputers were the first type of computer to be practical and affordable enough to be used in small offices and in people’s homes. Their predecessors included mainframe computers and minicomputers.

Microcomputers are also known as personal computers and these include desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, mini tower microcomputers, and full tower microcomputers. As alternatives to the original classifications of microcomputers, smart devices are now also known as microcomputers because of the technology embedded within them, such as tablets and smartphones, as well as servers found in data centers.

The features of microcomputers vary according to the CPU size and the technology included in the device.