What Are the Different Types of Mangoes?

Some types of mangoes that can be found at specialty markets seasonally include the Ataulfo, Francis, Haden, Keitt and Kent. The Tommy Atkins mango is the most commonly grown mango in the United States. It is a large mango that is notable for its dark red skin, sometimes covered in green and yellow accents.

The Tommy Atkins mango is available from March to July and then again from October to January.

The Ataulfo mango is a small variety notable for its yellow skin. Primarily grown in Mexico, it is found March through July in stores.

The Francis mango grows primarily in Haiti and has bright yellow skin with a green tone. It is available May through July.

The Haden mango is grown in Mexico and is another large variety. It is most often a bright red color with green and yellow tones and small white spots. This mango reaches its peak ripeness in April and May.

Keitt mangoes are used widely in Asian cuisine. They are eaten both ripe and pickled. A green mango, the Keitt is available in August and September.

The Kent mango is great for juicing and drying. A large variety, the Kent is a dark green mango with a red blush throughout. It is most commonly available from January to March and then June through August.