What Are Different Types of History?

Anita Ritenour/CC-BY 2.0

According to University of Kentucky, there are six types of history: political, diplomatic, social, cultural, economic and intellectual. There are also two schools of thought when interpreting history: the conservative-consensus and the progressive-new left.

Political history studies include the rise and fall of governments, political leaders, electoral responsibilities, creating policies and the different types of government, such as democratic and dictatorships. Diplomatic history studies relationships between nations, diplomats and the ideas shared by both.

Social history focuses on cultural customs, education and demographics, while cultural history studies a specific culture’s languages, literature and entertainment. Economic history studies different systems of markets, industries and classes of people, such as the working-class. Intellectual history is the study of cultural ideology and epistemology, including how groups of people interact with and form ideas from the material world.