What Are the Different Types of Frustration?

The different types of frustration are divided into environmental frustration, personal frustration, conflict-produced frustration and motivational conflict. Frustration is the reaction to the hindrance or hardship that prevents an individual from reaching a goal.

Environmental frustration is the frustration that arises from an individual’s surroundings, such as his workplace or his family. It may also come in a physical form, such as untimely rain, famine, flood or earthquakes.

Personal frustration is caused when a person tries to achieve an unrealistic or impractical goal. When an individual experiences frustration due to his limitations as a person, it is called personal frustration. For instance, a student with average intelligence who hopes to get the highest score in his class, or a physically challenged person who wants to compete with fit people in a race, will probably experience personal frustration.

An individual is said to experience conflict-produced frustration when he is not on good terms with the people he has to deal with regularly. It can be caused by the hostility he feels towards others, or the hostility others have towards him. Such conflicting frustration usually occurs between colleagues, or between an employee and the employer.

Motivational conflict occurs when an individual has contrasting ideologies. For instance, an individual who values independence and needs strong relationships with others may experience motivational frustration.

Responses to frustration include anger, a loss of confidence, stress and depression. Meditation and a healthy perspective on life may help deal with frustration.