What Are the Different Types of Douwe Egberts K-Cups?

Douwe Egberts’ version of the K-cup is called a “pod” and is sold under the brand name Senseo. Traditional flavors include classic, decaf, mild roast, mocha, and both strong and extra-strong dark. Flavored pods are Rio Vanilla, Sevilla Caramel, Cappuchino, Speculoos and Hazelnut as of 2016. In addition to regular and flavored coffees, Douwe Egberts also offers espresso and hot chocolate pods.

Senseo pods come in packages of 16. They boast the honor of being the single brand to produce a cup of coffee topped with a layer of froth. Amazon.com reviewers expressed satisfaction with the Hazelnut pods, calling them delicious but reminding potential buyers that the pods are not meant to be used in Keurig coffeemakers, as they are not K-cups. Instead, Senseo pods are made for the Senseo coffeemaker.

Senseo single-serve coffeemakers have the ability to brew an 8-ounce cup of coffee, espresso or hot chocolate in under a minute. Its pressure system heats water to 205 degrees Fahrenheit and evenly distributes it over the pod for a full flavor experience. It employs push-button controls to select cup size and brewing power, and since it uses pods, no coffee bean grinding is necessary. Its unique frothing chamber aerates a portion of the coffee to form the promised frothy layer. All removable parts are dishwasher safe.