What Are the Different Types of Bladder Surgery?

Different types of bladder surgery include bladder suspension surgery and urinary incontinence surgery, according to WebMD. Other kinds of bladder surgery include retropubic suspension surgery, tension-free vaginal tape procedure and urethral sling surgery.

Doctors perform bladder surgery to correct stress incontinence or an overactive bladder. In addition, patients may have surgery when the pelvic floor muscles are weakened, allowing the urethra to drop along with the urinary bladder. The problem is more pronounced in women, and its symptoms include leaked urine when a person sneezes, laughs or coughs. In this regard, doctors aim at raising the bladder and the urethra back to their ordinary places, as stated by WebMD.

Doctors perform bladder suspension surgery to return a sagging bladder back in place. It is recommended especially for women whose pelvic muscles are weakened due to childbirth, after attaining menopause, surgery or other complications of the urethra or urinary bladder.

While performing a tension-free vaginal tape surgery, doctors put a mesh tape under the urethra as support, as claimed by Mayo Clinic. On the other hand, doctors in urethral sling surgery surround the urethra with a sling, as explained by WebMD. The sling is made of ligament, tendon tissue, muscle or tissue-compatible plastic.

These surgeries are performed when conventional measures such as performing Kegel exercises are not effective. The amount of pain and the duration patients take to recover depend on each type of surgery.