What Are Some Different Types of Appetizers?

Amy Neunsinger/Stone/Getty Images

An appetizer is a food that is served prior to the main course of the meal and that is generally served in small bite-sized pieces, which is why it is also called finger food. Types of appetizers include deep-fried appetizers, steamed appetizers, canapes appetizers, fresh fruit appetizers and grilled appetizers.

Deep-fried appetizers include cutlets, fritters, French fries and chops. This type of appetizer is made by chopping vegetables or another food into small pieces and frying it in hot oil. The food may be covered in batter before frying. Steamed appetizers include dhokla, cocktail idli, momos and dumplings. Steamed appetizers are lower in calories than deep-fried appetizers. Canape means a small crusty base. Canapes appetizers have the base topped with various toppings, such as a spread on the canape and a vegetable on top with garnish. This type of appetizer is easily picked up with fingers. Fresh fruits make healthy, simple and colorful appetizers. They can be served in small bowls or stuck on toothpicks. Some good fruits for using as appetizers are grapes, strawberries, cherries, papaya, cubed mango, cubed pineapple and kiwi. Grilled appetizers include whole mushrooms and cubed vegetables, such as marinated bell peppers, onions and tomatoes. Grilled appetizers are often pierced with skewers before being grilled.