What Are Different Modes of Communication?

mxmstryo/CC-BY 2.0

Face-to-face, video, audio and text-based are all different modes of communication. These are the basic umbrella forms of communication, but they can be broken down into more specific styles.

Face-to-face communication is the most common. This includes casual conversation between two or more people and business meetings. Face-to-face is a very easy communication style that everyone has experienced. It requires no extra materials, making this the cheapest option for communication. It is also instant, and you get the benefit of visual cues from the person or people to whom you are communicating.

Video communication is achieved by using Web cameras to connect two or more parties. This is the next-best communication option after face-to-face, as you get most of the same benefits. However, there is always the possibility of bad connections or other technical issues that hinder the communication.

Audio is a voice-only form of communication, such as a conversation on a telephone. This is a good instant communication tool if you catch the person instead of getting an answering machine or voice mail, but it does not have the benefit of allowing you to see the other person. It is also more difficult to include more than two parties.

Text communication includes Internet communication, such as email, instant messaging and forums, text messaging and printed papers. Text communication does not have the benefits of audio and video, but it is much easier to distribute information to a large group of people and save records of the communication.