What Do the Different Icons on a Verizon Samsung Cellphone Mean?

Icons on a Verizon Samsung cellphone convey a host of information about the phone and its functions, from the battery-shaped charging status icon to the silent mode icon shaped like a bell with a red slash through it. Each Verizon Samsung cellphone has approximately 20 to 30 icons.

Samsung refers to cellphone icons as indicator icons. Some of the indicator icons on Verizon Samsung cellphones occur across multiple models, such as the envelope icon denoting a new voice mail or the concentric arcs icon indicating a nearby WiFi signal, the signal’s strength and the phone’s communication with a local wireless access point.

In addition to voice mail and WiFi indicator icons, many Verizon Samsung cellphones also have airplane mode, system alert, USB, alarm and TTY indicator icons.

The airplane-shaped airplane mode indicator icon appears when airplane mode is activated, which disables all wireless communications. The system alert indicator icon, which is an exclamation point inside of a red triangle, means that there are alerts present in the notifications panel. The cactus shaped symbol associated with USB devices pops up on the screen when the cellphone is connected to another device via USB.

The clock-shaped alarm indicator icon appears when the phone’s alarm is set. Users can access TTY mode under Call Settings. When turned on, the corresponding icon shows the letters TTY against a gray background.