What Are the Different Forms of Judaism?

Different branches of Judaism that are active in the modern world include Othodox, Reform, Conservative, Hasidic, Humanistic and Reconstructionist Judiasm. Messianic Judiasm is another form of the religion that, according to North Central University, some people argue is not a true part of the Jewish faith.

Much like other Abrahamic religions, Judiasm is not a monolithic religion but a large faith that includes many subgroups. These subgroups are all related by common cultural and theological traditions, including adherence to the Old Testament, or Torah, as a holy book. However, the practices and lifestyles of individuals in different branches of Judaism differ dramatically. For example, Reform Jewish people may attend synagogue only on important holidays and may not keep kosher, while Hasidic Jewish people tend to stick very closely to strict, traditional religious practice, including dressing in a certain manner and performing religious duties every single day. Messianic Judiasm breaks off from other parts of the Jewish faith by accepting the New Testament and the concept of Jesus Christ as a Messiah, which some people argue makes this a Christian, not Jewish, religion.