What Do Different Colors of Ribbon Symbolize?

Different colors of ribbon symbolize awareness for disabilities, medical conditions, remembrance, and other causes or issues; some of the most commonly recognized are pink for breast cancer awareness, red for AIDS and heart disease, and yellow for active military members. Awareness ribbons are folded over into loops when handmade but are also available in the form of magnets, flags and pins.

As of November, 2015, many groups and causes have chosen to adopt the looped ribbons as their symbols of awareness or support, and as a result, some causes now share the same ribbon color. Illnesses or conditions that are represented by a white ribbon include blindness, bone cancer and bone diseases, while a blue ribbon represents addiction, arthritis and colon cancer.

Some awareness ribbons are designed with two colors, such as a red and blue ribbon for congenital heart defects, pulmonary fibrosis and seasonal affective disorder, a blue and purple ribbon for pediatric strokes and rheumatoid arthritis, and a blue and yellow ribbon for Down Syndrome. Patterned awareness ribbons include a ribbon for autism patterned with multi-colored puzzle pieces, a tie-dyed ribbon for distracted driving awareness, and a paw print ribbon intended to spread no-kill shelter awareness for animals.