What Are Some Different Brands of Crayons?

Some companies that make crayons include Crayola, Art Crayon Company, Crazy Crayons LLC, Eberhard Faber Pencil Company, American Crayon Company and Crazyoleez Crayons. Crayola is the most widely known brand.

Art Crayon Company began in 1922 in New York, and its primary crayon line was called Sargent. Upon being purchased by Mead Paper in 1962, it changed its name to Sargent Art. The company was purchased several more times prior to 2006. Its primary crayon lines were Sargent, Gothic and Rainbow.

Crazy Crayons LLC has a crayon line called Eco Star and has been producing crayons since 1993.

Eberhard Faber Pencil Company is one of the top pencil manufacturers in the world, but it also produces crayons. The company made some of the earliest forms of wax crayon.

American Crayon Company, based in Sandusky, Ohio, is one of the top three U.S. crayon companies besides Crayola. The company began in the business of chalk crayons, before eventually moving to wax. It is part of the Dixon Ticonderoga Company as of 1983.

Crayoleez Crayon is a recent start-up from Texas as of 2011. The company offers a wide variety of colors.

Aside from this sampling of crayon brands, there are many generic brands of crayon offered in grocery and drug stores.