What Are the Different Art Media?

Different art media include painting, drawing, sculpture, crafts, photography, performance, new media, installation art, architecture and design. The number of art media are not static because new methods and materials for creating art develop with the imagination of artists.

The inclusion of new media has opened the door for the incorporation of technology into the production of new forms of artistic expression. The origin of the use of new media can be linked to the development of the first inventions that allowed for moving images in the mid- to late-19th century. The incorporation of these tools and materials allowed new ways for artists to interact with observers through their art. Types of new media art range from film to biotechnology, which explores genetics as a new form of art.

Installation art is a form of art in which the artist manipulates an environment by arranging objects, thereby enhancing the space in accordance with the artist’s particular vision. This medium allows the observer to view a piece in a three-dimensional way by entering the space. Installation art came into prominence in the 1960s, but its roots can be traced back to productions developed by Marcel Duchamp in the early 20th century.