What Are the Differences Between the DHS and DTS Cadillacs?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 3, 2020 10:49:54 AM ET

There are several differences between the DHS and DTS Cadillac, but the primary difference is that the DHS is more luxury-oriented, while the DTS is more performance-oriented. The DTS's engine puts out more horsepower and has a higher axle ratio, which typically leads to better acceleration.

In addition, the DTS has a slightly better performance rate because of the engine, drivetrain, and handling differences. The DHS offers more luxury features than the DTS. For example, the DHS comes with an auto-dimming side view mirror on the driver's side, passenger seat adjustments, and heating and power tilt for the steering wheel.

Cadillac discontinued production on DTS full-sized sedans in 2011.