What Are the Differences Between Carrier 15 SEER and 14 SEER Heat Pumps?

A Carrier 15 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio heat pump has a higher energy efficiency rating than a Carrier 14 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio heat pump. The heat pump with a higher SEER rating uses less energy to heat and cool the home.

The SEER of a heating and cooling system is established by how much the system can heat or cool the home per unit of energy. The more the system can alter the temperature in the home, the higher the SEER rating.

When comparing two systems, the one with the highest SEER, such as a Carrier 15 SEER heat pump as opposed to a Carrier 14 heat pump, is better at helping with energy efficiency, reducing the price on utility pills and lessening the impact on the environment.

Various forms of equipment have SEER ratings that can reach up to 23. A single digit difference in rating, as in the difference between SEER 14 and SEER 15, indicates a significant leap in terms of efficiency.

Heat pumps are not given SEER ratings. Instead, they receive Heating and Seasonal Performance Factors. To find out how much more efficient a heat pump is using a SEER rating, the rating would have to be converted into the pump’s HSPF.